Boat rental


Boat rental

If you really want to discover the lake, rent a boat. We have sailboats, electric boats, rowing boats for rent. But also canoes, windsurfsets en supboards.
Are you visiting us with your own boat? There's enough space in our marina.

Don't forget to also book our tasty "borrelbox" when you want something to bite on your boattrip. It contains cheese, slices of sausage, nuts, nachos and a drink of your choice.

If you are more hungry it's best to order our Picknickbox (meat, fish or vegetarian). This contains a wrap with the choice of meat, fish or vegetarian, herb butter sandwich, muffin, chees, sliced sausage, nuts, water and a drink of your choice.

For the little ones we have a box that contains a cheese sandwich, some fruit, candy, chips and an ice lolly.

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